"I got bit by the TV and Radio Bug, and it's been a great journey! I am also very grateful for good buddies and mentors, and of course the support of my family."  -- June


June started her career in the late 70's learning her craft in a small film studio in Santa Clara, CA, recording and mixing 16mm films for defense contractors.  "I was 18 years old and had a DOD clearance then. I used to laugh that if I were ever captured and tortured, my captures would be gravely disappointed because I didn't have a clue about the missile-making and tank building stuff we were doing films about".

In the early 80's she was involved with the opening and operation of Marriott's Great America, a theme park in California.  " I was one of 5 original Employees of Tech Services. It was a dream job. What 20 year old wouldn't love to walk around a happy theme park with a radio on your belt and a volt meter in your hand? I fixed the ride's microphones, and background music speakers, climbing narrow catwalks to the top to repair the PA speakers as the coasters whizzed by. I remember riding the Tidal Wave 20 times in a row to capture the sounds.  It took 3 different recorders as the capstans would freeze from the G-forces. (Dream Job)  I also did the themed background music, and slide shows for HR. It was at Great America that I learned how to tune a room's acoustics, which has been very valuable in my career. To be able to pull frequencies out of the air has been a gift.

In the mid 80's June was partners in a small multi-media company in Palo Alto, CA, Dolphin Multi-Media. "We did massive slide-show presentations. (80 projectors plus 16mm film in the center) for large ad campaigns and corporate presentations. I learned a lot from my partners. I had never seen such beautiful motion with slides before. I of course did the audio half, creating the soundtracks on a 8 track Otari and Tracking with a Schoeps into a LA4. I miss analogue!"

It was in the early 90's that she started her own company, JMC Sound Design & Production,  in Marin. "I started out with $500 and some of the equipment from Dolphin. I acquired a few music and SFX libraries and did some sound design. I then bought a Sennheiser MKH60 , a Neuman KMR81, some Lavs, wireless and a mixer and went out on location on Beta SP shoots. I am a better studio engineer today because of that understanding of field production. I still love going in the field with buddies."

In the mid 90's June moved the studio to Corte Madera, CA where she focused on television and radio. The studio was upgraded to all digital in 2005, and Pro Tools has been upgraded several times since then.  June has won many awards including the prestigious Telly Award for excellence in mixing and sound design, for the past 10 years.